At Embellish we use what we believe is the best tan on the market and a variety to suit your skin type and outcome. We are constant researching to find the best and most natural looking tan even if you choose to go ultra dark. We are loving the VANI-T tans for both colour and longevity along with support products to top up your tan if you are going away.

To ensure a perfect tan and longevity it is important to prepare your skin the week leading up to your tan.

During the week before your tan be sure to exfoliate every second day and moisturize daily concentrating on knees, feet and ankles, elbows, neck and front of your armpits.

An amazing product we highly recommend 2 days prior to your tan (not the day before) is our PURE FIJI sugar rub. This not only exfoliates all your dead skin but nourishes it with a beautiful and rich coconut oil that does not leave your skin feeling greasy. It is divine and the E team can not live without it. Another option for just before the tan is our ECOCOCO salt scrub. This leaves no residue, so you are ready to tan!!

When you come for your tan please have:

We provide disposable g-strings and caps if you choose.


$ 39.00