This is a blend of nail polish and gel nails. It is a resin-based polish set under an LED lamp. It is harder wearing than polish, and you will love the longevity of them. This is painted directly over your natural nail to give them more strength than a natural polish and a little less than acrylic. This will not damage your nails if the procedure is done by our qualified beauticians. We use finer wraps to remove the product and don’t “drill” off shellac to re-apply as this does immeasurable damage to your natural nail. All our shellac treatments include filing and cuticle work.

Shellac can be added onto any of our manicure/pedicure services at an additional cost.

Maintenance = 3 - 4 weeks

File and paint fingers or toes

Gel removal and add on

Gel removal & nourish

Build a Gel/ Extra Coat

$ 42.00

$ 8.00

$ 22.00

$ 8.00