Eyebrow Feathering/ Microblading/ Tattooing

This is a detailed, semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that uses a precise blade to create shallow hairstrokes to mimic a natural brow hair, it is individually tailored to each client and their desired outcome.

We will customise the shape and density to suit your preference. Generally we use the guide of your natural hair or brow bone to determine the perfect shape for you. This procedure is fantastic for clients who have overplucked or have thin brows or scatter brow hair. If you are filling your brows in daily, then this is for you.

All brow appointments require a consult prior to any tattooing to ensure you are a candidate. Brow microblading is a two stage process with 6 weeks between the first and second appointment. Corrections of other artists work are charged accordingly and some may need removal to achieve a desired shape/outcome.

Initial 15 minute consultation is required and is no charge as we need to ensure you are a candidate for this procedure.

Following prices are not applicable for brow corrections or touch-ups of tattoos done elswhere.

Maintenance 18 - 24 months

Initial Appointment

(2.5 to 3 hours)


(6 weeks later, 2 hours)

Additional touch up

(within 3 months, 1 hours)

Annual refresher/ touch up

(12 to 18 months, 2 hours)

Eyebrow tatoo removal

(1.5 hours)

$ 439.00


$ 209.00


$ 129.00


$ 269.00


from $ 220.00


Important facts to know before your appointment

  • Please allow about 2.5hrs-3 for your appointment. Measuring and drawing your brows takes longer than you think for some. Plus photos.
  • Remember the day after your brows are darker than you are used to. Do not panic this is normal as the colour settles into the skin, depositing it then fades off.
  • Please be prepared to follow your aftercare very strictly, (which I will message you after your appointment) as it very much affects the outcome of your brows.
  • Please make sure you have not consumed any alcohol or drugs or taking blood thinners.
  • If you are or could possibly be pregnant please let me know as you are UNABLE to get your brows done while pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You are very welcome to wear makeup if you normally do. It looks good for photos too.


Aftercare is just as if not more important than the procedure itself so please follow all the instructions to ensure the best from your brows. Be patient as they will be perfected at your next touch up in 4-6weeks.